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Who is behind WILI WILI TREE®?

We are a small team of outdoor lovers and creative minds - like to be active in and on the water, in the mountains or always on two or four wheels. Water, mountains & van life are our thing.

Inspired by the swim in the Aare in our hometown of Bern, the idea of ​​our own drybag came up in 2018. What began as a single product has quickly developed into an entire collection that has now received its own label. WILI WILI TREE®

We combine our love of modern outdoor living with a passion for beautiful things and interior design. From this we develop, together with our team, high-quality products that we are happy to share with you. We hope to inspire you with WILI WILI TREE®!

WILI WILI TREE® comes from Stay Wild GmbH. We also carry the SWISS WOOD MAPS® brand under this umbrella - these are high-quality wood maps of our lakes, mountains and rivers. Here you will find our second shop. www.swisswoodmaps.com

WILI WILI TREE®. What's behind it?

WILI WILI TREE is originally from the surfing glossary and a tree species of the genus of the coral trees in Hawaii. Already in the 1930s, surfboards were made from different woods, such as the «WILI WILI TREE».

In Switzerland, all over Europe, all over the world there are countless ways to go on the water - whether swimming, surfing or with the SUP. WILI WILI TREE® will be your perfect companion!

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